Getting Around, Utila Honduras

bicycleOne of the great things about Utila is that there are only a handful of cars and trucks here, and those are mainly just for business vehicles, delivery companies, and taxis. So you can definitely plan to be be “car-less” during your stay on the island, and can walk most anywhere. That said, golf cart, scooter, 4 wheelers, and bikes are readily available – scroll down for more information

Do I Need a Vehicle?
If you are staying in town, you will likely find that you won’t need a vehicle at all, but may want to rent a golf cart, scooter, or 4 wheeler for some exploring of the island. If you are renting one of the vacation rental homes on Utila, keep in mind that most are located slightly out of town (1 mile to 1.5 mile), so you will likely want some type of transport, such as a bicycles, golf carts, scooter, or 4-wheelers.

Are there Taxi’s?
Yes! Many visitors choose to walk and just take advantage of our new moto-taxis on island, which are a great addition. These are modified scooters, with full back seats and covered. There are 3-4 on the island – you can’t miss them. In-town trips are generally 20 to 25 lempiras ($1 – 1.50usd), including to the public beach.

There is also 1 van-taxi, Hanks, who anyone can call for you, and he meets most planes on arrival. Hank is very reliable, can handle lots of luggage, etc.

There are 3-4 other truck taxis that can also help with airport arrival and departures, or just getting from one part of the island to another.

Utila Tip: If you are staying at a rental house or outside of town, and plan to use a taxi later that night, call in advance, as taxis are more difficult to obtain after dark, and not all units have phones. The same goes for if you are heading out to dinner, arrange earlier in the evening for the taxi to come get you at a certain time.

Bike Rental:

Bikes are about $5 per day and you can get a weekly discount.

Utila Bike Rental
Located on the main street, to the right of the ferry dock, down about 3 blocks, on the left (non-ocean) side of the road. You will see sign on road, and bikes are located at house just behind road.