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8 Shark-Tastic Opportunities For 2020 and Beyond

By Emma Daffurn Despite all the upheaval and uncertainty we’ve become accustomed to in 2020, there’s one thing we can all rely on to remain consistent: Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. But as August’s on-screen sharkapalooza (a.k.a Shark Week) begins to fade, at PADI and Project AWARE we’re just as focused as always on …read more […]

5 Inspiring Stories from Lockdown

By Megan Denny Full-time PADI® Instructors and Divemasters get to spend every day underwater helping people explore the underwater world. But what happens when divers stop coming? For some PADI Pros, lockdown was an opportunity to invest in the health of the ocean and their local community. Here are a few inspiring …read more Source:: […]

Sharks: Primal Fear and Fascination

By Drew Richardson A curious thing happened as the last diver began to climb out of the water on a charter dive boat’s ladder following the day’s final dive. He stuck his face mask into the water for one last glimpse below and then excitedly shouted, “Hey! There’s a huge shark right …read more Source:: […]

For PADI, Every Week is Shark Week

By Guest Blogger This week marks the 32nd season of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, appearing in more than 220 countries and territories around the world – a clear sign that it’s the perfect opportunity for PADI® to rally public support for shark conservation. Although the media (and most certainly Shark Week) have played …read more […]

Diving Malaysia’s Tiny Tenggol Island

By Sarah Wormald All images provided by Mohd Mazlan Tenggol Island lies off the coast of Terengganu in Malaysia. Measuring just three by two kilometres/1.8 by 1.24 miles this island might be small but it certainly has a big underwater personality. With over twenty dive sites on offer, this South China Sea Island …read more […]

Thank You for an Awesome Women’s Dive Day 2020

By Drew Richardson Beginning in 2015, each year the dive community comes together for Women’s Dive Day – an annual event that celebrates the contributions and dedication shown by the women in diving, and smashes the myth that diving is a “guy” sport. Some of the most inspirational people in diving are formidable …read more […]

Diving Tioman Island – The Jewel in the Malaysian Crown

By Sarah Wormald All images provided by Martin Ritter Off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, lay some of Malaysia’s best diving islands. Redang, Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Tenggol and, of course, Tioman, are underwater playgrounds; teeming with life and bursting with colour. Diving in Tioman caters to every level of diver from tranquil …read more […]

Far, Freezing and Fish Myths

By Drew Richardson Early in my life in eastern United States, I took up exploring the underside of the surface in ponds, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Later, as an athlete and waterman in high school near Chicago, I became intoxicated by the scuba bug. Like most people when they are young, I …read more […]

Underwater Buddies

By Danielle Schofield 30 July marks International Day of Friendship — so what better time for us to celebrate friends, family, dive buddies, and take a quick peek at some close-knit connections beneath the waves: Oceanic whitetip sharks and pilot fish An oceanic whitetip and its posse of pilot fish are one of …read more […]

Minimising Your Plastic This #PlasticFreeJuly

By Guest Blogger Written by guest blogger, Julie Thomas. It’s no secret that plastic is one of the biggest polluters of the world’s oceans. Whether it’s bags, straws, bottles or containers, plastic items are often found in the ocean as a result of littering, being flushed down toilets or being thrown in a …read more […]

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