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The Top 4 Myths About Becoming a Scuba Instructor

By Megan Denny There are dozens of reasons to become a scuba instructor: you get paid to dive, you meet amazing people, etc. But that’s not what this article is about. This article is about the myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings that prevent people from taking their passion for scuba diving to the next …read more […]

Best PADI Specialty Courses to Take When Diving in New Zealand

By Sarah Wormald No matter where you go in New Zealand there is always the promise of adventure, and diving is no exception. Dive sites range from stunning colourful reefs to rugged rock drop offs; and from tranquil bays to open ocean. If you are seeking adventure, diversity, and phenomenal marine life then …read more […]

Joining Forces To Save The Ocean

By Emma Daffurn This week, we are proud – and excited! – to announce our new partnership with The Ocean Foundation. PADI has partnered with The Ocean Foundation to offer the PADI Community a means of engaging with seagrass, mangrove and salt marsh conservation and restoration, in an effort to reduce our carbon …read more […]

Diving into Science: Meet the Next Generation of Marine Biologists

By Guest Blogger There is a hurried frenzy on deck as the first divers hit the water. A fitful swell makes things all the more difficult as we motor up the reef to drop the next pair. I look to Kitty and we make our final checks: mask; fins; weights… tape measure; quadrants; …read more […]

How to Become a Successful Dive Instructor Post COVID-19

By Guest Blogger One could easily mistake this enthusiasm for cynicism, writing about how to be successful as a scuba instructor exactly in a time when our industry is getting hit harder than ever before but nothing could be further from the truth. One day, all this will be over, our favorite dive …read more […]

PADI & Project AWARE Making Sustainable Choices For The Ocean

By Emma Daffurn “Seek Adventure. Save The Ocean.” Five small words that inspire a simultaneous sense excitement and shared responsibility. The desire to explore our blue planet combined with a need to protect it. A belief that there is a better way for humanity to live in balance with nature, so that future …read more […]

Get Featured on the PADI Dive Stories Podcast

By Ocean Allison Want to be featured on the PADI Dive Stories Podcast? Share one of your most memorable dive stories with us for a chance to be featured in the listener DiveLog segment of an upcoming episode. To record and submit your dive story, click the blue ‘Start recording’ button below, then follow the …read more […]

Make a Difference During AWARE Week 2020

By Drew Richardson This year, the third annual AWARE Week  happens 19-27 September. Although we fight for and advocate on behalf of the seas year ’round, AWARE Week brings PADI Torchbearers together for a concentrated, visible span of ocean research, rescue and restoration. Dive with your local PADI Resort or Dive Center as …read more […]

Spotlight on PADI AmbassaDivers from Mexico

By Sarah Russell PADI AmbassaDivers™ are a group of global freedivers and scuba divers committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet. Meet our inspirational ambassadors from Mexico, who each show passion and dedication as PADI divers or PADI professionals. Read their unique stories below. Melodie Trevino – The storyteller …read more […]

Diving Jakarta and Surabaya in Java, Indonesia

By Sarah Wormald All images provided by Deddy Winarsono Java is the 5th largest island in Indonesia and it sits between Sumatra to the east and Bali to the west. Approximately 60% of all Indonesians live on Java which makes it the most populous island in the world (135 million inhabitants). Some of …read more […]

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